How to subscribe

A full rate subscription to Physics Review magazine is available to individuals and institutions.

In addition to the full-rate order, educational establishments can place further subscriptions at a reduced rate, provided all copies can be mailed to the same addressee for internal distribution.

Physics Review is published four times through the academic year, in September, November, February and April. Orders can be placed at any time during the year, and the issues already published will be supplied automatically. Only orders for complete volumes, current volume or the last volume, can be accepted.

Overseas rates are available on request.

Philip Allan publish a range of magazines aimed at the educational market - and not only at sixth-form level. The shared philosophy of all of the magazines is to provide stimulating material that will support the study of each particular subject - either directly, by being relevant to core syllabus material, or indirectly, by providing material which broadens knowledge and motivates further study.

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