To achieve our aims, articles go through a series of formative stages, influenced not only by detailed input from the original author and several members of the Editorial Board, but also by comments and opinion gathered from teachers and students at a number of our Liaison Schools, who read and review articles to ensure that they are of an appropriate length, quality and style - and, most of all, useful. We thank teachers and students at these institutions for their invaluable help in commenting on draft articles.

Liaison Schools

Currently, the Physics Review Editorial Board is being
supported by the following schools and colleges:
Gordonstoun School, Elgin
Hele’s School, Plymouth
Highgate School, London
Highlands School, London
King's Norton Boys’ School, Birmingham
Stewart’s Melville College, Queensferry Road, Edinburgh
The Grammar School at Leeds, Leeds
Reigate College, Castlefield Road, Reigate
St. Albans School, Abbey Gateway, St Albans
St. Leonards School, Fife
St. Mary Redcliffe & Temple School, Bristol
Space Studio, Banbury
Ulverston Victoria High School, Ulverston
Watford Girls’ Grammar School, Lady’s Close, Watford
Withington Girl’s School, Manchester